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Vivishine Spray Latex Polish Refil 250ml

Vivishine Spray Latex Polish Refil 250ml

{}latex rubber Spray polish Vivishine 250ml
It Shines. It conditions. It stops sticking. It's easy to use, just Spray and Go !
Once coated with vivishine you will see that the latex will stop sticking to itself and It makes putting garments on easy !
Vivishine is odourless so your rubber will still have that great rubbery smell.
With a longer lasting deep shine, you'll wonder why you hadn't tried it sooner!
{}Lang anhaltender sichtbarer Tiefenglanz
Schonende Intensivpflege für alle Latex- und Gummiartikel
Perfektioniert das Latexfeeling auf der Haut
Lösungsmittelfrei und Geruchsneutral
Kein Verkleben des Materials bei der Lagerung
Lieferung in der schönen handlichen 250ml Flasche
{} 250ml
{}This Item is in Stock

Base Price 21.95 (Including VAT UK Only at 20%)

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