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Vivishine Travel Latex Polish 5x30ml

Vivishine Travel Latex Rubber Polish 30ml  x 5

Vivishine Travel Latex Rubber Polish 30ml x 5

{}latex rubber polish Vivishine Travel 30ml x5
It Shines. It conditions. It stops sticking. It's easy to use, just add a couple of drops to water, swish your latex around in it and then drip dry.
Vivishine coats the latex, inside and out, giving it an deep high gloss shine with just one application.
Once coated with vivishine you will see that the latex will stop sticking to itself and It makes putting garments on easy !
Vivishine is odourless so your rubber will still have that great rubbery smell.
With a longer lasting deep shine, you'll wonder why you hadn't tried it sooner!
{}Lang anhaltender sichtbarer Tiefenglanz
Schonende Intensivpflege für alle Latex- und Gummiartikel
Perfektioniert das Latexfeeling auf der Haut
Lösungsmittelfrei und Geruchsneutral
Kein Verkleben des Materials bei der Lagerung
Lieferung in der schönen handlichen 30ml Flasche
{} 30ml x 5
{}This Item is in Stock

Base Price 19.95 (Including VAT UK Only at 20%)

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