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New E-Stim Remote (with motion sensor)

New E-Stim Remote   (with motion sensor)

New E-Stim Remote (with motion sensor)

The new E-Stim Remote System is now one of the most powerful Remote E-Stim unit in the world, offering more levels, more control and a new Dynamic output waveform system to provide you with all the control you and your subject needs.
Using a new custom designed high quality digitally encoded keyfob transmitter and discreet receiver (providing a range of up to 100M depending on environmental conditions), together with more modes and adjustments than ever before you can be sure that the new Remote offers highly effective and easy to use remote controlled electroplay for everyone.
Key Features
Digitally Encoded Radio Control System with a range of up to 100M
10 modes including 2 Motion Sensor modes & amp; 2 new Audio modes
Custom designed 4 button Keyfob transmitter and Small discreet receiver with Belt Clip
27 output levels over 10 different modes with 7 levels of adjustment in each mode.
The ability to link multiple Keyfob and Power Units.

The motion sensor ensures that the slightest movement of your subject can be 'punished'.
The new E-Stim Remote now features two new audio modes. Sensitive enough to trigger on a hand clap from several feet away, the two new audio modes have multiple sensitivity levels and two display modes giving you all sorts of new and interesting possibilities.

The Training Mode has been expanded, with 4 levels of power... 25% 50% 75% and 100% all at the touch of a single button.

The output is digitally controlled over 27 levels, all easily selectable from the Keyfob. The new Dynamic waveforms also ensure that higher levels feel even more intense.

The high quality microprocessor controlled voltage generator mean that batteries last longer and with a digitally generated pulse system you can be assured that the power is directed exactly where it is most effective. With the new Dynamic output system higher levels now give considerable more power.

The E-Stim Remote System has a 3.5mm output socket and is compatible and powerful enough to operate with all E-Stim Systems electrodes.
Safety, Quality and with a Lifetime Guarantee

Base Price 199.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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