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E-Stim Series 2B Accessory Pack

E-Stim Series 2B Accessory Pack

Introducing the New 2B Accessory Pack.

If you have, or are considering purchasing the E-Stim Systems 2B, then you are bound to want to look to expand your e-stim experiences.

The 2B Accessory Pack includes the Universal 220v/110v Mains Adaptor (including adaptors for the UK, US, EU and Australia) which means no more running out of batteries and also gives the 2B a 30% power boost. The Digital Link Interface, which allows you to upgrade the 2B Firmware every time E-Stim Systems releases an update. Not only that but it also allows for control of the 2B via a PC or Mac Computer which also means the internet, so now rather than just webcaming with someone you can actually have control of what they feel.

Supplied :1 off Universal 220v/110v Mains Adaptor (including adaptors for UK, EU, US and Australia, 1 off Digital Link Interface (including USB Stick with UpLink and Commander Software for PC and Mac), 2 off 4mm 1.5m Cables.

Base Price 89.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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