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E-Stim Helix Blue

E-Stim Helix Blue

E-Stim Helix Blue

Introducing the New Helix Blue(TM) Pack

The ElectroHelix(TM) contains an updated microprocessor controlled boost system, and an entirely new logic timing control the ElectroHelix(TM) features 5 program modes, smooth analogue controls for not only Output level and Speed but also Feel and it includes the infamous and still unique 'Fire' Button.

With 5 modes the ElectroHelix(TM) has plenty to offer over and above the standard Flo and Pulse modes along with the Fire mode it features Milk and Tease modes, both of which have been programmed to give more interesting sensations and both are fully controllable with both Speed and Feel Controls. Mode selection is via a simple tactile push button, and since the level does not drop to zero it is possible to switch between modes as part of your play.

The ElectroHelix(TM) is controlled by Smooth analogue controls giving almost infinite control over all the sensations.

It also incorporates a 'Sport' mode for those who want a more intense ride. Turn the ElectroHelix(TM) on and the level of sensations you get will suit most people, but turn the ElectroHelix(TM) on while holding the Fire Button and everything becomes just that little bit sharper and more intense.

The ElectroHelix(TM) fits easily in the hand and with all the controls at your fingertips , and comes with the rubber grip knobs and wipe clean fascia.

The Helix Blue(TM) pack includes a set of adjustable 2mm Conductive Rubber Loops. Simply slip the loops over the head of the Penis, adjust to fit, and then plug a connection into each loop. Plug into the ElectroHelix(TM) and enjoy the pleasures and sensations coursing through your most important member.

The Helix Blue(TM) Pack is supplied in a custom made carry case, together with a 2mm connection cable, battery, a pack of 4 self-adhesive electrode pads, and a comprehensive instruction manual - everything you need to get started.

The ElectroHelix(TM) is designed and built in the UK to the latest UK and EU safety regulations, with in built safety features such as current limiting and CE marked as well as being covered by a Lifetime Guarantee.

Dimensions:- 112mm x 65mm x 41mm, 160g

Supplied: 1 ElectroHelix(TM), 1 x 3.5mm to 2mm output cable, A Pair of 2mm Conductive Rubber Loops, 4 x Self-adhesive Electrode pads, 1 x PP3 9v Battery, 1 x User Manual in a Custom Protective Carry Case.
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Base Price 115.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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