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E-Stim E Stim Bipolar Electrode EM2188 Tadpole

E-Stim E Stim Bipolar Electrode EM2188 Tadpole

Tadpole EM 2188
E Stim Bipolar Electrode Size: 180mm Insertable length x 30mm Diameter (7" x 1.2")
"The ElectraStim Tadpole electrode was designed to be used with any ElectraStim stimulator (sold separately) and can be used in a variety of ways to ramp up your sexual satisfaction. During play you’ll feel a flurry of erotic tingles accompanied by deep contractions that make your pelvic floor tense and relax in time with stimulation. Not only does this feel incredibly orgasmic, it can help you do your Kegel exercises. The throbbing has even been known to give both men and women hands-free orgasms with no other stimulation required.Because Tadpole has a long, flexible tail, it’s suitable for both vaginal and anal use. When using it anally, you should hold onto the flexible cord for added security. DimensionsEgg: 2 inches long x 3.75 inches in circumference Tail: 5.5 inchesMaterialsEgg: Marine-grade aluminium contacts with an acrylic isolator stripTail: Silicone"

Base Price 89.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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