E-Stim Electrode Penis Plug

E-Stim Electrode Penis Plug
e-stim, electrode insertable plug features a distinctive Diamond shaped head
Size (Diameter) Shaft 6.65mm Diamond Head 8.5mm
Base Diameter 24.5mm,
Overall Length 55mm
Insertable length 44mm
Weight 18g
Connection 4mm
Cleaning is simple and easy, just wash them off in warm water and a light detergent or sterilising fluid or as they are solid aluminium and unlike other cheaper sounds, they are safe to boil. Make sure the PenisPlug™ is fully dry before storage. If you have any issues with your PenisPlug™, just contact us as they covered by E-Stim Systems Lifetime Guarantee.

As with all insertable electrodes, please ensure you clean thoroughly before and after use. Ensure they are totally dry before storage.

Fitted with a single 4mm socket.

Cable not supplied

Suitable for connection to any E-Stim Systems control boxes. As these are unipolar electrodes you will need to use then in conjunction with another electrode.