E-Stim Electrode Ultrasound 8mm Dipstick

E-Stim Electrode Ultrasound 8mm Dipstick
A 8mm 'dipstick' urethral ultrasound designed for those who like more intense play. This unipolar electrode has been designed and manufactured to E-Stim Systems usual high standards with highly polished medical grade stainless steel
Why 'dipstick'?. The active shaft is ridged every 20mm , to allow the depth of insertion to be gauged.
As with all insertable electrodes, please ensure you clean thoroughly before and after use. Ensure they are totally dry before storage.
Fitted with a single 4mm socket.
Cable not supplied
Suitable for connection to any of our E-Stim Systems control boxes. As these are unipolar electrodes you will need to use then in conjunction with another electrode.
Sound Data
overall length 175mm
Diameter 8mm
Active length 150mm