E-Stim Bipolar Electrode EM2196 Midi

E-Stim Bipolar Electrode EM2196 Midi
The high quality laminated construction of our probes means the electrodes are built in to the main body of the probe. This means the conductive areas will never become detached or wear out!
E Stim Bipolar Electrode
You can also use this bi-polar probe as a uni-polar probe by just connecting one cable instead of two. Stimulation will only be felt on one side but by adding a smear of conductive gel across the base will effectively create a fairly good uni-polar probe.

You will need an ElectraStim erotic electro stimulator to use this item. If you are using a different power box and your cable does not have the 2mm pin connector you will need an adapter kit - see the Sundries section.

* Exclusive Design
* Crafted from an engineered laminate of marine grade aluminium and acrylic
* 70mm penetration depth by 40mm diameter
* O-rings around the base form a good insulating grip and can be removed for effective cleaning
* Rotate the plug to vary the sensations
* 2mm pin socket compatible

We take a piece of 6mm thick clear acrylic, bond it between two solid metal bars with aircraft strength adhesive, add 2 nitrile insulating o-rings, press a 2mm pin socket into each pole, then shape and polish our "Midi" electro plug to a fine finish. The result is spectacular.